What is UFH PPR?

What is UFH PPR?

At the critical moment when you have just embarked on a new phase of your life, we extend sincere congratulations to you for becoming a mother and feeling the pleasure of holding your newborn baby. Congratulations for having a new member in your family to add to the happiness. We know that almost every new mom and dad will encounter all kinds of problems. You may even feel a little unsure about whether you can take good care of your baby. It may be difficult for new moms to fully recover after giving birth. Family members may need help taking care of the new mom and newborn. Families that already have a kid may find it hard balance the time and energy for the new baby.

In 2016, United Family Healthcare launched its high-standard postpartum care services based on over 20 years of experience in obstetrics and pediatrics. These services are supported by a multi-disciplinary medical team including experts in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and rehabilitation. The program covers pregnancy management, postpartum rehabilitation coaching, breastfeeding guidance, infant health care, drug management, psychological and nutritional support offering comprehensive care to the mom and baby. High quality services span the entire process before, during, and after labor. This program has been warmly welcomed by our customers and is recognized by the China Maternal and Child Health Association. The association will join hands with United Family Healthcare to launch standards for postpartum rehabilitation and build the United Family Postpartum Rehabilitation Center into a model institution in this field on the basis of its strong qualifications, rich experience in medical services, extraordinary service quality, and full set of relevant facilities, which will serve as an example of a standard postpartum rehabilitation service institution.