Guangzhou United Family Hospital

1.1.Postpartum Rehabilitation Package



2.Midwife Home Visit Services
Prenatal Services:
•Pregnancy education: what you need during pregnancy, delivery, and after
•Advice: pregnancy, nutrition, when to schedule a hospital visit, and more
•Anatomy Q&A: including monitoring and different types of contractions
•Anesthesia and epidural anesthesia
•Education on breast milk
•Labor, delivery, and/or cesarean
•After delivery: episiotomy, placenta, and nurses with your baby
•How to push during delivery and other childbirth tips (for expecting mothers at 36 weeks)
•Relaxation exercises

Postpartum Services (within 2 months after delivery):
•Newborn weight
•Education on proper bathing techniques
•Education on sleeping patterns and techniques
•Breastfeeding education
•Postpartum dietary guidance
•Mother’s health check-up: examination and observation of blood pressure, temperature, vaginal bleeding, breasts, abdomen, lochia, uterine contractions, and bowel movements
•Postpartum wound inspection and care, as well as wound care instruction
•Lower extremity deep vein thrombosis screening
•OTC and topical medication support, including nipple cream and hemorrhoid cream
•Mastitis prevention guidance and support

RMB 1,440 for 1 hour, RMB 2,160 for 1.5 hours. The first two home visits require 1.5 hours for each session.*

*Extra transportation fee will be charged if the distance to your home is over 20km.

3.Manual Perineum Re-education Service or Abdominal Re-education (6 weeks after delivery)
•Postpartum exercise instruction, including pelvic floor muscle training exercises
•Postpartum incontinence rehabilitation

Consultation fee: initial consultation is 45 minutes at RMB 1,080

Training fee: RMB 720 for 30 minutes per session.*

*Usually need a minimum of 10 sessions for perineum re-education. Extra transportation fee will be charged if the distance to your home is over 20km.

Marianne Ducruet

Language: English and French

For appointment or more information, please call our 24hr Service Center at 4008-919191, or +86 (020) 8710 6000

4.New Mother Physical Therapy Package

Purchase four sessions for only RMB 2,250. Initial session is an hour; 3 subsequent sessions are 30 minutes each.

Payments made by cash or credit; no further discounts apply.

Our physical therapy services include, but are not limited to:
•Evaluation and assessment
•Prenatal and postnatal exercises
•Spine and back care
•Pain Management