Postpartum Meals

United Family’s postpartum meals are approved by clinical TCM practitioners and nutritionists. They are prepared in accordance with modern nutrition principles in Chinese style so as to provide a diverse and balanced diet for the mum. All raw materials are organic, high-quality, and carefully selected to strictly ensure food safety. The mum will enjoy three meals and three snacks, all freshly cooked, every day.

To boost the mum’s physical rehabilitation, we select 28 kinds of food that are also used as herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine and use them carefully at different stages within the postpartum month to respectively help uterus contraction, increase lactation, promote bone rehabilitation, help with the discharge of excessive body fluids, adjust the endocrine system, and speed up the restoration of the body shape.


Postpartum Nourishment Phases:

Week 1: Help with lochia discharge and wound healing.

Week 2: Nourish blood and boost body fluids to increase lactation.

Week 3: Promote fluid discharge and reduce edema by promoting sweating.

Week 4: Nourish the body on the whole and help keep fit.

Clinical nutritionists will give personalized diet instructions to mums who have experienced preterm labor, C-section or who encounter common postpartum problems such as constipation, anemia, weight stagnation, inadequate lactation, etc., so as to help them solve postpartum weakness, speed up rehabilitation and return to a good pre-pregnancy state.