●Our medical team will give the baby a health evaluation.

●Pediatric experts will check on the baby regularly to track growth and feeding, check for jaundice, fever, diarrhea, or other symptoms, and give treatment as necessary.

●Pediatric experts will pay follow-up visits to preterm babies, twins or babies with other special medical conditions (if necessary).

●Rehabilitation doctors will visit daily to check on the growth of the baby.

●Rehabilitation therapists will perform baby massage and internationally certified baby exercises that promote growth, and teach mums or other caregivers to do the exercises for better bonding.

●Professional care: Specialized nurses will monitor the baby’s temperature, weight, length, and belly button conditions; pay close attention to the growth and feeding of the baby; observe jaundice conditions on a daily basis in the first days, carry out percutaneous jaundice tests to track jaundice values; and guide the dedicated maternity nurse to handle baby rashes and eczema if necessary.

●Daily care: A dedicated maternity nurse takes care of the mum and baby one-on-one. Following the instructions of the medical team, she will bathe the baby, perform baby massage, clean the baby’s eyes, nose, and ears, and take care of the baby’s belly button and bottom. She will also change diapers for the baby and keep track of how many times the baby urinates and defecates as well as keeping track of the urine color and stool normality. She will observe the baby’s cries and sleeping patterns and train the baby to have good sleeping habits.