Our Team

Our Multidisciplinary Team Takes Care Everyone of You

Obstetric experts/midwives: The obstetrician who delivered prenatal care and the midwife who helped you give birth will all be part of your postpartum rehabilitation team to keep you company for the crucial first 28 days after childbirth.

Pediatric experts: United Family’s neonatal care team is highly experienced in taking care of preterm babies. We once saved a preterm baby only 600g in weight. We ensure the best care for preterm babies, twins, babies with a clavicle fracture, or babies with congenital heart conditions.

Professional nurses: Qualified full-time nurses at United Family will monitor the new moms’ vitals, check the lochia, wounds, breasts, uterine contractions, and take care of the breasts when necessary. They will also monitor the newborns’ weight and jaundice conditions, and assist the doctors in handling emergencies if any.

Rehabilitation doctors: qualified doctors and therapists use internationally-accepted advanced methods to provide personalized services including physical training and physical therapy to help with the postpartum recovery, and adopt internationally-recognized rehabilitation training methods to help the newborns thrive.

Psychiatrists, dermatologists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, nutritionists and other professionals: They provide targeted services to deal with the mood swings in pregnant women and new moms caused by hormonal changes and meet their needs for beauty and fitness after giving birth.

Dedicated maternity nurses: At United Family, every mom and baby will have a dedicated maternity nurse to assist the medical team and take good care of them 24/7. The nurse will attend to the newborn baby following the instruction of the medical team.

Postpartum rehabilitation consultants: Consultants are responsible for developing the workflow and content of the postpartum care services. If you would like a tour, book a room, learn more about our services, or have any other requests, please contact them, and we will do our very best to meet your needs.

Customer service, security, janitor, and other support staff: They are all professionally trained and will provide you with the best services to ensure a safe and comfortable postpartum period.