United Family Healthcare PPR will provide customized services for every new mum as below:

●One-on-one, 24/7, mum and baby care from a dedicated maternity nurse.

Many mums may be more familiar with the term “maternity matron.” A dedicated maternity nurse can be regarded as a maternity matron who has been trained at a formal medical institution and has many years of experience. To ensure science-based and safe services, United Family arranges the following courses for our dedicated maternity nurses, who, after completing all these training courses, will serve mums and babies one-on-one, 24/7 under the guidance of our medical team, so as to ensure that mums rest well and babies are well taken care of with baths, massage, etc. Experienced maternity matrons may also become dedicated maternity nurses after completing these training courses:

1.Etiquette of a dedicated maternity nurse.

2. Puerperium care.

3.Breastfeeding knowledge, including breastfeeding positions, baby latch-on positions, breastfeeding evaluation, how to ensure sufficient lactation, lactation maintenance during maternal separation, mum’s issues concerning breastfeeding, breastfeeding by a sick mother, baby’s issues concerning breastfeeding, drug use for breastfeeding mothers, nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding apparatuses.

4.Baby care and early education.

●Dedicated transport service for mums.

●Home-style guestrooms.

Room facilities include: double bed, sofa, LCD TV, wireless internet, DVD player, Bluetooth player, noiseless mini refrigerator, air humidifying purifier, a safe, water dispenser, water for mum and baby, bathing suit, hairdryer, tooth mug, soap, hand wash, bath kit (shampoo and body wash), imported baby crib, baby mattress, imported baby bathtub, multifunctional weighing scale, nursing pillow, milk warmer, breastmilk pump, sterilizing and drying steamer.

Supplies for mum and accompanying family member: Toothpaste, toothbrush, antiskid slippers, cotton socks, mosquito repellent, panty liners, sanitary pads for day/night use, disposable panties, disposable nursing pads, disposable postpartum pads, imported belly or hip girdle (based on doctor’s advice).

Supplies for baby: diapers, baby clothing, washbowl for face, washbowl for bottom, baby care set (body lotion, shampoo, body wash), feeding bottle, bottle cleaner, nipple cleaner, baby blanket.

Note: Subject to change. The list of supplies provided by your local United Family Postpartum Rehabilitation Center will prevail.

●Free parking around the clock.

●Company of a family member.

●Professional facilities for postpartum rehabilitation.

A massage bed helps you relax with the water pressure created by the sprinkler. It feels like the soothing hands of an experienced therapist. Water temperature can be adjusted according to your needs and warm water pushes the soothing power deep into your muscles. Massage helps mums relax tension, boost circulation and metabolism, tighten connective tissues, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce pressure, and improve overall health.

A spa pool is disinfected with bromine and chlorine which is safe with no toxicity. Mums may start rehabilitation training in the pool under the guidance of a rehabilitation therapist 28 days after giving birth.

A professional rehabilitation therapist guides mums in postpartum exercises to help with rehabilitation, as well as unique mum-and-baby exercises that benefit the mum, boost the growth of the baby, and enhance bonding.

A TCM-designed herbal sauna room offers vapor emitted by boiled herbal medicines to boost health. It helps mums dredge their meridians, relax their muscles, improve circulation, burn fat more efficiently, enhance their beauty, and relieve back pain, joint pain and other common postpartum problems.

Biological feedback machine, etc.